Little Grey Rabbit series
1. The Squirrel, the Hare and the Little Grey RabbitHeinemann1929
2. How Little Grey Rabbit got back her tailHeinemann1930
3. The Great Adventure of HareHeinemann1931
4. The story of Fuzzypeg the hedgehogHeinemann1932
5. Squirrel goes skatingCollins1934
6. Wise Owl’s storyCollins1935
7. Little Grey Rabbit’s partyCollins1936
8. The knot Squirrel tiedCollins1937
9. Fuzzypeg goes to schoolCollins1938
10. Little Grey Rabbit’s ChristmasCollins1939
11. Moldy Warp the MoleCollins1940
12. My Little Grey Rabbit painting bookCollins1940
13. Hare joins the home guardCollins1941
14. Little Grey Rabbit’s washing dayCollins1942
15. Water Rat’s picnicCollins1943
16. Little Grey Rabbit’s birthdayCollins1944
17. Little Grey Rabbit to the rescue (A play)Collins1945
18. The Speckledy HenCollins1945
19. Little Grey Rabbit and the WeaselsCollins1947
20. Grey Rabbit and the wandering hedgehogCollins1948
21. Little Grey Rabbit makes laceCollins1950
22. Little Grey Rabbit’s song bookCollins1951
23. Hare and the Easter EggCollins1952
24. Little Grey Rabbit’s valentineCollins1953
25. Little Grey Rabbit goes to the seaCollins1954
26. Hare and Guy FawkesCollins1956
27. Little Grey Rabbit’s paint boxCollins1958
28. Grey Rabbit finds a shoeCollins1960
29. Three Little Grey Rabbit playsCollins1961
30. Grey Rabbit and the circusCollins1961
31. Grey Rabbit’s may dayCollins1963
32. Hare goes shoppingCollins1965
33. Little Grey Rabbit’s pancake dayCollins1967
34. Little Grey Rabbit’s storybook1977
35. Little Grey Rabbit’s second storybook1978
36. Little Grey Rabbit’s birthday book1983
37. Little Grey Rabbit’s alphabet book1985
38. Further tales of Little Grey Rabbit1989
39. Little Grey Rabbit and the dumplingsto be finalized
40. The Little Grey Rabbit treasury1993
41. Hymns, prayers and Graces1989
42. Christmas CarolsCollins1988
43. A Sunday book for ChildrenCollins1954
44. Stories from the old testament
45. The Lord’s Prayer for ChildrenCollins1943
46. Little Lamb of BethlehemMedici1957
47. Hymns for ChildrenCollinsNo Date
48. Favorite Bible stories
49. A thanksgiving for ChildrenCollins1959
50.Stories from the New Testament
51.The Christchild, a children’s anthologyCollins1947
52. A belief for ChildrenCollins1945
Elizabeth Laird
53.Prayers for ChildrenCollins1987
Margaret Tempest and Kathleen Fryer
(Illustrated by C.E. and H.M. Brock)
54. Stories from the BibleCollins1955
Rosalind Vallance
55. Tittymouse and Tattymouse
Mollie Kaye
56. Gold Gorse CommonCollins1945
57. Willow Witches BrookCollins1944
58. Black Bramble WoodCollins1938
59. Potter Pinner MeadowCollins1937
Myfanwy Evans
60. No Rubbish HereCollins1936
61. Diggory goes to the never neverCollins1937
Cynthia Asquith, (an anthology)
62. The Children’s cargoEyre & Spottiswoode1930
Marjory Wilson, Nancy K Hayes
63.Bright eyes merry book
Rose Fyleman
64.Runabout RhymesMethuen & Co1941
65.The Dolls HouseMethuen & Co1930
Hans Christian Andersen
66.Hans Andersen’s fairy stories
Susan M Coolidge
67.What Katy did and what Katy did at school
Aunt Polly (Children’s own series)
68.Brian’s good-night bookThomas Nelson and SonsNot dated
Johanna Spyri
70.Curly Cobbler and the Cuckoo ClockCollins
71.Curly Cobbler and the Fairy shoeCollins1948
72.Curly Cobbler and the RobinsCollins1951
73.Curly Cobbler and the happy returnCollins1949
74.Curly Cobbler and the snowfallCollins1948
75.Pinky Mouse and the Elves
76.Pinky Mouse and the Balloons
77.Pinky Mouse and the Rainbow
78.Pinky Mouse and KokoCollins1947
79.Pinky Mouse and Christmas dayCollins1946
80.Little Grey Rabbit alphabet book
81.Little Grey Rabbit Pattern book
82.An ABC for you and meMedici1948
83.The Margaret Tempest picture bookMedici1980
Medici also produced 78 post cards illustrated by Margaret Tempest from 1937 until 1954.

(Compiled in July 2010)